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Free and low-cost social media management tools for your business

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You now have a company Facebook page and you’re even posting on LinkedIn for your business. Great! But your work isn’t done. If you really want to maximize the impact of your online presence and make sure social media is worth your investment of time, you need to track and analyze your online efforts using social media management tools.

How these tools help you?

Social media management tools help you avoid getting lost in data. The key is to set clear goals, isolate which metrics matter to your company and find the tools that will present that information to you simply.

Social media management tools can help you:

  • keep track of mentions of your company and brands
  • manage industry‑related news
  • follow customers, competitors, thought leaders and others, based on topics or keywords
  • manage your reputation and
  • manage your network.

How do social media management tools work?

Social media management tools help you follow what people are saying about your brand, products or services on social media networks such as Facebook, X and LinkedIn. They help you quickly address customer complaints, spot trends, analyze the effects of your social media initiatives and consider how social media activity is affecting your firm.

Free and low-cost social-media management tools

There are many tools for tracking your company’s success online. If you are just getting started, you may want to consider the following.

Revised September 2023

This table lists applications alphabetically and isn’t exhaustive. Hyperlinks to external sites do not constitute endorsement by BDC of those websites or any information, opinions, products or services expressed or described on them.

Furthermore, the list is only a starting point and excludes applications not offered either in English or in French, or that are neither low cost nor free. When assessing which solution is best for your organization, you will probably consider many other factors.

BDC will review and edit this list regularly. If you offer a similar application and would like us to consider adding your solution, please contact us.