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Leslie Greenberg - President of Telenuage

Serviced more than 7,500 customers and their 10,000 + sites over 35 years

About the company

An interconnect company that sells, installs and services business telecom systems. Specialized in multisite and enterprise solutions.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Industry: Business telecom systems

Entrepreneur challenge

Although the owner was already monitoring his company’s financial health through regular financial statements and reviews, he was looking for a simple and rapid way to access key data.

BDC expertise

Telenuage relied on BDC Mobile, a new app that uses financial data to help monitor a company’s financial health through its KPIs, define measurable business goals and receive actionable tips to reach them, and provide immediate access to current loan and repayment schedules.


  • Now able to monitor financial health through KPIs on mobile phone
  • Equipped to do financial performance comparisons over time
  • Has access to all BDC loan and repayment schedule information at a glance

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Keep track of your financial heath on the go.

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