Demix Agrégats

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Julie St-Pierre, Manager, Logistics and Client Service

Prides itself in a culture of trust, proven performance and a passionate team

About the company

Specialists in the production and distribution of granular products

Location: Laval, Quebec

Industry: Agregates

Entrepreneur challenge

The company recognized that it needed to closely examine its customers’ journey, all the way from the first client meeting to final billing. The firm was looking for an external point of view to ensure that all departments worked in harmony to improve customer experience.

BDC expertise

BDC’s operational efficiency experts helped the company assess its internal processes, identify areas for improvement and ensure each process provided customer value. BDC also helped unify efforts between the different departments, clearly identify roles and responsibilities, establish KPIs and better measure customer satisfaction levels.


  • Roles and responsibilities of each department clearly defined
  • Improved harmony between departments
  • Created customer experience manager position
  • Established KPIs to better track progress
  • Better knowledge of customer satisfaction
  • Implemented continuous improvement culture

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