The Digital Wellness Center

Wellness tools to help companies and employees accelerate performance.
Mary Donahue - Founder of The Digital Wellness Center

The world’s first brand dedicated to sharing scientifically proven techniques to combat digital fatigue.

About the company

The Digital Wellness Center helps people increase their happiness and productivity by overcoming obstacles such as stress, relationships, and communicating in the virtual workplace.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Industry: Digital health and wellness

Entrepreneur challenge

With the world making an accelerated shift to digital, employees and corporations are finding it hard to adapt. To launch a product to help those in need, the company required financing to get the business in front of the right people. This included developing a website, product and process testing, converting courses to a digital format and operational costs.

BDC expertise

BDC provided financing with flexible terms through its 100% online application process, enabling the business to rapidly access funds. Businesses seeking up to $100K can apply online, with no application fees and affordable rates.

Proven results

  • Brought product to market 18 months earlier than anticipated
  • Partnered with high-profile clients in government and private sectors
  • Well positioned for future growth
  • Achieved exponential growth

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