The Beach Café

Get the financing you need to buy an existing business and equipment
Whitney Dudzic - Freelance Educational Consultant

Targeting a high potential market for healthy foods and drinks

About the company

Café offering smoothies, juices and healthy foods

Location: Red Deer, Alberta

Industry: Restaurant

Entrepreneur challenge

The owner and former teacher wanted to buy an existing café, which would target an untapped local market for healthy foods and drinks and provide leasing opportunities. A mother of three, she needed financing for renovations and to purchase equipment. However, after her maternity leave, she no longer had a steady income, which meant she didn’t meet all of the lending criteria of other financial institutions.

BDC expertise

Based on the client’s strong business plan and recognizing her passion for entrepreneurship, BDC’s financing experts were able to provide a loan with favourable terms and conditions that would cover the change of ownership as well as leasehold improvements.


  • Successfully opened café
  • Purchased specialized equipment
  • Gained revenues through leasing to businesses on site
  • Entered a high-growth potential market
  • Well-positioned for future growth

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