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Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

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Becoming one of Canada’s top SaaS firms

BDC showed confidence in our growth potential. I was really impressed with the degree of professionalism and expertise that they brought to the table.

About the company

Provides SaaS solutions that manage third-party data to protect corporate brands, increase market accessibility, and reduce operational and financial risk.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Industry: SaaS solutions

The company wanted to avoid diluting ownership while continuing to refine its products and build credibility in its market. As the firm continued to grow exponentially and gain traction, the business sought three rounds of funding to meet its evolving needs and become Canada’s most successful SaaS company.

In the Series A round of $20M, BDC’s Growth & Transition Capital team provided mezzanine financing to help the company avoid diluting ownership. When the firm needed to scale up, the bank provided quasi-equity financing in the Series B round of $40M. In the Series C round, the company attracted $130M from Warburg Pincus. BDC Capital remains an investor in the business.

  • Grew from 30 to 400 employees in three continents
  • Established a client base of Fortune 500 companies
  • Investment helped the company enhance its proprietary software and supply chain data management platform, while expanding key solutions

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