Bema Panels

Design a facility layout to boost efficiency
Ben Sikkema, CEO of Bema Panels, with an employee
Bema Panels
Ben Sikkema, CEO of Bema Panels, with an employee

Entrepreneur challenge

The company had purchased new equipment and leased a facility to house its manufacturing operations and needed a layout that would maximize efficiency and productivity. With a growing company, the owner was also seeking business coaching.

BDC expertise

BDC’s operational efficiency experts worked with the company to design an efficient facility layout using a proven methodology and to significantly improve workplace organization. BDC also provided business coaching focused on financial management and strategic planning.

Proven results

  • Designed a fully efficient manufacturing facility
  • Improved production capacity from one and a half houses per week to one per day
  • Made significant progress in financial reporting, cash flow forecasting, budgeting and strategic planning through business coaching


improvement in efficiency

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