COVID-19: Business planning tools for entrepreneurs

The COVID-19 global pandemic has triggered widespread disruption to how businesses operate, requiring many entrepreneurs to pivot and adapt quickly. A crisis is a good time to re-examine all elements of your business plan. Identifying the critical functions and people within your business tells you what to protect and also highlights opportunities to grow and innovate.

These planning tools and tips can help you map out your next steps, identify new opportunities, mitigate risk and create resilience in your company, so you can emerge strong in recovery.

First steps in crisis management

Put people first and make rational decisions

Business and risk assessment

Identify key business functions and map risk

Operations management

Create an action plan for your business and employees

Cash-flow assessment

Forecast cash flow and burn rate

Employee communications

Reach out in a timely, relevant manner

Sales and marketing plan

Map scenarios and test new ways to engage customers