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Industrial, Clean and Energy Technology (ICE) Venture Fund

ICE Venture Fund

We operate on the frontier of innovation where tomorrow’s technologies are born. With deep expertise and agility, we manage $300 million in capital — investing in Canada’s most innovative technology companies, firms that are redefining how the world works by bringing digital transformation to a wide range of industries. We’re often the first institutional investor in, because we recognize opportunity when we see it.

Building the future

We help entrepreneurs with bold ideas build global companies. We support full-stack solutions — software, data and devices — because transformative change often requires a combination of technologies.

Our focus

  • Early-stage investment and beyond
  • Lead investments and reserve capital for follow-on rounds
  • Broad networks and alliances to help companies grow

Who this fund is for

Breakthrough innovations happen where disciplines meet. We proudly invest in entrepreneurs bringing novel solutions to where industry and enterprise applications intersect, including:


  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG)
  • Energy and electrification
  • Mobility, logistics & supply chain
  • Industrial systems
  • Real estate and infrastructure
  • Space and aerospace


  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Cloud computing
  • Data intelligence
  • Enterprise platforms and applications
  • Internet of Things (IoT) / infrastructure
  • Security, privacy and compliance

We’re company builders

Our team specializes in helping companies take off, providing hands-on product, marketing, sales and talent support. We work closely with entrepreneurs to understand the best ways we can help them grow into global successes.


We’re active partners throughout a company’s journey


We think big, like the entrepreneurs we invest in


We know what it takes to propel a company to the next level

Our team

Geoff J. Catherwood
Geoff J. Catherwood


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Mark Smith


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Salman Qadir
Salman Qadir

Associate Principal

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Sandy Li
Sandy Li


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Marc Brummer - Senior analyst venture capital at BDC
Marc Brummer

Senior Analyst

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