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Field service management software


Field service management (FSM) software refers to applications that businesses use to manage and track service performance outside of the office.

At a high level, FSM software helps manage the activity of field technicians and mobile workers such as scheduling and assignments while tracking the availability of equipment, parts and tools.

FSM applications usually integrate with back office solutions such as an accounting software package or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and even sometimes with customer relationship management (CRM) applications and other enterprise systems.

Your customers benefit as well, because when people in the field have all the information they need on their mobile device, they are empowered to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.

How do field service management solutions help?

Field service management solutions are particularly useful when you want to:

  • schedule and dispatch the right worker to the right job
  • notify mobile workers about new jobs and cancelled appointments
  • automate time and attendance tracking
  • watch real-time work progress
  • better manage inventory
  • suggest the best travel route to reduce fuel costs
  • monitor the location of employees or vehicles
  • eliminate paper-based processes and reduce administration costs
  • respond to customer requests faster
  • generate performance reports

How do field service management solutions work?

FSM solutions enable workers to use their smartphones or tablets to update information in real time and connect with team members while on the road. It’s never been easier to access and update information, obtain electronic signatures and upload pictures, videos and document scans.

Available as stand-alone or integrated, end-to-end solutions, FSM applications can be tailored to specific roles or industries. In addition, many enterprise systems, such as CRM or ERP, offer field service management functionality.

Field service management solutions

If you are looking for a field service management solution, you may want to consider the following:

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