Vintage luxury entrepreneur shares 9 tips to boost your online sales

How to create a seamless customer experience

4 minutes read


Get valuable insights into e-commerce from successful entrepreneur Frédérick Mannella, President of vintage luxury company LXR & Co. Discover how he launched his e commerce site—and learn from his advice about getting started, attracting customers, shipping and data analytics.

Thanks to affordable software, it's never been easier to get started in e commerce.

In this video, Frédérick Mannella, President of vintage luxury company LXR & Co., explains his approach to e commerce. Mannella explains the key to his e commerce strategy—and offers tips to entrepreneurs looking to make their first steps in online sales.

As well as explaining the basics of setting up an e commerce site, Mannella gives insights into the logistics of shipping and the importance of creating a seamless customer experience. He also explains how data analytics can help entrepreneurs understand their customers, and shares his tactics for attracting customers to the website via SEO and social media.

Watch this video for Mannella’s tips to help plan your e commerce launch or expand your existing online store.