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Between runaway inflation and rapidly rising interest rates, cost pressures have been mounting for consumers and businesses in Canada. These are conditions Canadians have  not been experienced in a long time and the impact can be felt from real estate to financial markets to everyday prices and wages. The era of cheap money is over, but how high will rates go? It all depends on inflation. Read more


  • June 2022A real estate crash on the horizon?
  • May 2022The economy looks healthy. Why all the talk about a recession?
  • April 2022Is the economy headed toward 1970s-style stagflation?
  • March 2022How the war in Ukraine will affect Canada’s economy
  • February 2022After an inflationary surge, will commodity prices stabilize in 2022?
  • January 2022What to watch for in 2022?
  • December 2021Can households sustain Canada’s economic recovery?
  • November 2021Buckle up for the rocky path to energy transition
  • October 2021Get ready for more pressure to raise wages
  • September 2021What to expect from the fourth COVID wave
  • July 2021How close is the Bank of Canada to raising interest rates?
  • June 2021Does the Canadian dollar rally have room to run?