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Who we are

We are the bank of Canadian entrepreneurs.

We evolve, we transform, we create the future.

For our entrepreneurs. For our employees.

We are banking at another level.


We are the only ones doing what we do in Canada: stimulate the Canadian economy by helping SMEs succeed in all sectors of activity. Our mission leads us to see further, to do things differently. We support and encourage our employees to renew themselves, through a rich culture and strong programs. The result is clear; the team is second to none, with a way of doing things based on our expertise in the financial field, all carefully executed thanks to our listening skills and to our unrivalled business vision.

Each of us uses our knowledge to support business owners in all industries and stages of their development from business centres across Canada and online on BDC.ca.

What defines us:

  • We are committed to the long-term success of our entrepreneurs, and we understand that there is more to business than just numbers.
  • We play a critical and complementary role to that of private sector financial institutions and have been serving Canadian SMEs since 1944.
  • We evolve as a financially viable and reliable Crown corporation. Our operations are at arm's length from our sole shareholder, the Government of Canada.


We measure our impact by its reach and effect on the continuing growth of the Canadian economy: we support thousands of business owners, every day. Over the past 75 years, our dedicated and experienced team has grown to 2,900 employees, helping more than 100,000 business owners realize their full potential and more.

At BDC, it is all about evolving in a healthy, skills-rich work environment that puts forward the best conditions for shaping unique teams where the power to act is real and has impact.

Our head office in Montreal is an exciting place to be (find out for yourself!). The employment opportunities and our services are available across Canada, allowing you to choose a location that suits you best.


As a commercial Crown corporation, BDC has only one shareholder: the Government of Canada.

We believe in adhering to the highest standards of sound corporate governance practices, which is why we are governed by an entirely independent Board of Directors.

Again, we are banking at another level.


1. Ethics

Understanding, trust and reciprocity are the pillars of our relationships between colleagues. All our actions are guided by the integrity and respect we have for our clients, our suppliers, our partners, and of course, our employees.

2. Proximity

Entrepreneurship and collaboration are the foundation of the relationships we have with our clients. Why? Because their passion is the same as ours and because we believe that it is at the heart of the support we offer them in all their efforts, from A to Z.

3. Team spirit (collaboration)

We see our diversity as a real asset. We capitalize on the breadth of our knowledge to help our clients, our colleagues, and BDC, grow. Here, we celebrate our differences and work together harmoniously to ensure our success.

4. Responsibility

We are determined to live up to our commitment to stimulate growth in the Canadian economy. Our actions are at the heart of our responsibility, whether micro or macro, internal or external, direct or indirect. BDC gets involved.

5. Work-life balance

Balancing work and personal responsibilities presents different and unique challenges for each of our employees. This is why it is important for BDC to advocate a profoundly healthy work environment, one that enables everyone to live a balance between their personal and professional lives.

BDC proudly distinguishes itself as one of Canada's Top Employers, year after year. It is important for us to invest in our employees, because they are truly our most valuable asset. It is through our commitment to our employees that we are recognized as an employer of choice.

We are fully, and always will be, committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Our BDC Code of Ethics (PDF) guides our every action. As an employer of choice, we are committed to providing a work environment conducive to well-being. In addition, we have a policy that actively encourages our staff to report any misconduct that may occur in the workplace.

Because aiming for a healthy workplace means we are banking at another level.