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Comprehensive Benefits Program

We believe in our employees' success. This is why we continually do everything we can to contribute to it. That is what it means to bank at another level.

Compensation. Benefits. Wellness.

Conditions that live up to your potential, that are banking at another level. The best is offered to our employees with our comprehensive compensation and benefits program that will contribute to your well-being.

Here is how our offer is banking at another level:

Competitive compensation

In addition to the base salary in line with what is offered in major Canadian financial companies, we have a variable compensation plan that takes into account your individual performance and the overall results of the Bank. When BDC exceeds its annual targets, you can benefit from higher variable compensation. It is together that we bank at another level.

Defined benefit pension plan

Although it may seem a long way off today, the "post-career" stage of your life should be planned for as soon as possible, at least in financial terms. BDC offers the tools you need to save for retirement. At BDC, you are banking at another level, even in retirement.

Flexible benefits program

Thanks to our comprehensive benefits program, you can customize your benefits to suit your situation and choose the coverage that best suits you and your family's needs. We want to make sure that everything is taken care of. The program includes a variety of medical and dental care options, a short- and long-term disability plan, and several life and critical illness insurance options. Thanks to our wellness program, you will also be eligible for an additional amount that can be allocated to a health or wellness account to reimburse the costs of physical activities, sports equipment, home office supplies and financial advisor fees. An employee and family assistance program is also available, as is a telemedicine service for employees and their dependents. We offer you what it takes to bank at another level.

Employee savings and investment plan

If you decide to participate in the Employee Savings Investment Plan, we will match your contribution each year, which is directly linked to BDC's annual results. This program will allow you to set aside a portion of your income to finance important projects, whether it is the purchase of your first home, a trip or retirement. Supporting our employees in their projects is banking at another level.

Flexible work

At BDC, work-life balance is an essential part of our culture. Whether you work from home, the office or your client’s, we provide the tools and equipment you need to work harmoniously.

Read our blog post to find out more about our hybrid work model, designed with our employees in mind. We fully believe in the balance we offer, one that promotes productivity and operational expectations at BDC: certain key moments require a presence in the office, while others can be experienced comfortably at a distance. Because we know that implementing a way of doing things that promotes flexibility, equity and conviviality is the future of work, and it is banking at another level.

Vacation and personal days

Vacation is another key component of your total compensation package, and our solid offering is second to none. What is more, whatever your position, you will be able to purchase additional vacation days through our benefits program. The real way to relax is to do it at your own pace, according to your own desires.

Each year, personal days are also offered to meet personal or family responsibilities, obligations or commitments that require attention during working hours, or to meet your own health or wellness needs. The purpose of these days is to eliminate the stress associated with this type of unforeseen event or need for accommodation. Ideal for attending medical appointments, caring for a family member, extending bereavement leave, religious observances, personal volunteer work and more to help you continue to bank at another level.

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