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What our employees have to say about working at BDC

Join a team of 2,200 talented and engaged employees who work to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Entrepreneurs see us as trustworthy partners.

Here, all employees work toward one common goal: To support entrepreneurs, helping them grow and move on to the next step.

I’m proud to be with BDC now. We don’t go to meet entrepreneurs with the mentality of a salesperson, because we aren’t here to offer them things they don’t need. We’re here to help them succeed, and entrepreneurs see us as trustworthy partners.

Khurrum Khan

Khurrum Khan Manager, Business Centre North York

Every day is different; we are never bored.

It’s very gratifying to work at BDC because we can truly help entrepreneurs reach their goals. There are entrepreneurs we have been following since their very beginnings and whose businesses we have seen grow over the years, and new entrepreneurs with whom we are preparing to build long-term relationships. It’s a rewarding job where every day is different, and we are never bored.

Julia Lee

Julia Lee Senior Account Manager St. John’s

People are fantastic at BDC.

I began as an account manager 15 years ago in Regina, Saskatchewan, and then worked in Langley and Prince George, British Columbia. As I would tell my mother, I can’t stay in the same province all my life!

But one thing has always been the same: I have always received a warm welcome from my co-workers, which facilitated each transition. It’s sad to leave, but our paths sometimes cross again and it’s great having several friends across the country. That is also one of the things I appreciate most at BDC, its people are fantastic, from coast to coast.

Ryan McLean

Ryan McLean Vice President, Interior, North & Indigenous Kelowna

BDC’s culture is different from that of traditional banks.

I enjoy working at BDC because its culture is different from that of traditional banks. We spend more time in the community and at our clients’ businesses, which allows us to learn new things about the different industries each day. I work with like-minded people and I think that we also share the same values.

BDC also offers ongoing professional development programs in leadership. I have been given the opportunity to work with mentors who have helped me enormously over the course of my career.

Jamie Mowat

Jamie Mowat Manager, Entrepreneurship Centre Vancouver

I wanted to make a difference in society.

Here’s why I wanted to join BDC. I wanted to make a difference in society by working for this bank.

BDC's mission is to support Canadian businesses through financing and valuable advice that are likely to contribute to their success. I also wanted to help them. Having recently immigrated to Canada, the possibility of soon being actively involved with entrepreneurs and having a positive impact on the community were the governing factors for me.

Jacqueline Zhou

Jacqueline Zhou Client Partner, BDC Advisory Services Vancouver