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We are 2,100 talented people dedicated to helping Canadian entrepreneurs.

Ryan Chaves, Senior Account Manager, Winnipeg
Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the economy, and we have a responsibility to acknowledge their contribution. We can acknowledge that by assisting them as much as possible to ensure their continued growth. I am proud to be part of a team that works every day to support Canadian entrepreneurs.
Kunle Tauhid, Business Centre Manager, Scarborough
BDC is different. You know, you are an individual here. Your Senior Vice‑President knows you by your first name. Your HR person knows who you are and is always there to guide you. There’s a feeling of camaraderie, almost like in a big family, that is difficult to find in a workplace.
Chakib, Director, Corporate Financing
To make a difference in an entrepreneur’s life, you have to understand their worries and needs, and be able to respond to them. You need to be able to provide a solution—not just sell a product. But finding the best solution is not something we can do individually... At BDC, we work as a team, we're always talking and we seek other people’s expertise. This enriches us and enables us to be more efficient and innovative in our dealings with entrepreneurs.
Luc, Partner, Consulting, Montreal Photo by: Ron Levine
My favourite part of the day is when I’m with entrepreneurs, discussing their plans and finding with them the best solutions for their businesses. I work with entrepreneurs in all industries and at all stages of development. Acquiring knowledge in such a workplace focused on projects is fantastic. But what’s most inspiring is at the end of a consulting mandate when we see the concrete results of our efforts and the benefits for the entrepreneurs.
Bonnie, Senior Account Manager, Acquisition, CalgaryPhoto by: Roth & Ramberg
BDC trusts your abilities to manage your own work and have the right amount of independence while providing support when you need it. The people here support their colleagues and form strong bonds beyond the work environment. If you enjoy helping entrepreneurs by offering a more in-depth and custom approach you will find that environment at BDC.
Joanne, Senior Account Manager, Acquisition, Saint-Laurent Photo by: Martin Laprise
I love that BDC’s values are in line with my personal values. For me, it is not just about numbers, it is about being able to think outside of the box to help someone—in our case, helping connect entrepreneurs to their dreams. Entrepreneurs with great vision, ambition and determination. I have met many interesting people and am proud to have been part of helping convert numerous ideas into a successful reality since starting with BDC as a summer student in 1995!

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50 % Percentage of employees who are women

42 Average age of BDC’s team

40 % Percentage of Generation Y employees

8 years Average length of service

36 Number of languages spoken by our employees, in addition to French and English