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Learning and development

Benefit from great learning opportunities to support your growth within the organization.

Professional learning

Focuses on specific knowledge and skills related to BDC’s core business.

Learning path

We have several learning programs, such as our program designed to help account managers enhance their development banking skills.

Continuous learning

We offer internal learning solutions, including online courses and job aids, and electronic reference documents.

BDC supports employees attending relevant external courses related to their position, as well as earn professional accreditations.

Leadership learning

Focuses on development programs created for current and future leaders across BDC.

Leaders today and tomorrow

We have a structured leadership approach designed to support leaders who inspire their teams, spark innovation and manage change.

Leaders at all stages (potential, new and seasoned) participate in group and individual development activities.

Corporate learning

Helps all BDC employees acquire the skills and knowledge they need, regardless of their position.

Orientation program for new hires

To welcome you to BDC, we have designed a comprehensive on-boarding program that includes various tools and activities, a dedicated section on our employee portal, a welcome conference, peer coaching, and leader support.

Diversity and inclusion

To help ensure that the strengths and differences of each individual are recognized and valued, BDC employees participate in awareness sessions, and "lunch and learn" events. They also have access to a variety of resources on diversity.

Information technology best practices

To help our employees perform their daily tasks, seize business opportunities and connect with each other, we offer them access to a variety of business software and support their professional participation in social media.

Our information technology learning program helps them safely take advantage of these tools and practices.