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General FAQ

BDC frequently receives the following questions. Some are requests for services we do not provide and therefore cannot be answered completely. Where possible, we provide links and phone numbers for more information.

1. What is the difference between BDC and other financial institutions?

2. Do you offer grants or subsidies?

3. So you don't give money? Shouldn't a crown corporation be helping Canadians?

4. Why should I borrow from BDC when I can get lower rates elsewhere?

5. Can I open a chequing/savings account at your bank?

6. Can you provide me with exchange rate information?

7. Do you issue letters of credit?

8. Do you offer line of credit facilities?

9. Can you help me incorporate my business?

10. Who governs the Business Development Bank of Canada?

11. Is this the Bank of Canada?

12. I have invented a product, and I need more financing for prototype production and
patents. Can you help?

13. Do you provide financing to start up a business?

14. Do you provide asset-based financing?

15. Do you provide a loan based upon future projections for a newly invented
technological product?

16. Are you the people I complain to about a product or service?

17. Can I file a complaint with BDC regarding a financial institution?