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Michel Bergeron

Michel Bergeron

Chief Strategy Officer

Michel Bergeron was appointed Chief Strategy Officer of the Business Development of Canada (BDC) in 2018.

In this role, he is responsible for designing, developing and communicating BDC’s overall strategic direction and vision for the future. He leads a multidisciplinary team focusing on corporate strategy and initiatives, digital transformation, partnerships and government relations, economic and market research, and innovation. He is also in charge of the implementation of an integrated approach to develop new products and solutions across all BDC’s lines of business.

Mr. Bergeron has over 20 years of private, public and parapublic experience, dealing with financial sector issues, strategic planning, digital experience, communication, branding and international trade matters.

Before his current position, he was BDC’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs for over 5 years, overseeing branding and advertising, client experience, economic analysis, corporate communications, marketing, public and media relations, research, and digital experience.

He joined BDC in 1999 and has held a variety of field and corporate positions during his career with the bank, including Senior Manager, Loans; Director, Corporate Planning; Director, Strategic and Business Solutions; and Vice President of Corporate Relations.

Mr. Bergeron began his career in the federal government, where he worked in international trade negotiations for the Department of Finance.

He is a board member of Futurpreneur and Michel is the Founding Chair of The Montreal Group, a global forum for development banks focused on micro, small and medium enterprise.

Mr. Bergeron holds Law degrees from Laval University and Dalhousie University, and a Master of International Relations degree from Laval University. He also holds the Corporate Director (ICD.D) designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors.

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