We’re a B Corp

And we help grow Canada’s B Corp movement!

B Corps are certified Beneficial companies. Their purpose is to create value for society as well as money. They meet high standards of transparency and accountability, and create positive social and environmental benefit. Learn more at www.bcorporation.net.

Saul Brown

Saul Brown

Saul Brown uses his gift basket business as a tool for positive change.

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B Corp entrepreneurs

A global movement of people whose companies create local prosperity, strong community and a sustainable environment.

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Measure everything that matters: your company’s health and its impact on others.

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Our team

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Becoming a B Corp will:

  • differentiate your company brand;
  • attract millennial employees;
  • attract social media interest;
  • allow you to compare your company performance with your peers around the world;
  • give you entry into a group of entrepreneurs who seek to do business with each other.


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