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Your passport to US market

7 tips for expanding to the U.S.


Looking to expand into the U.S.? Get advice on putting together a winning entry strategy from a successful entrepreneur. Elana Rosenfeld, CEO of Kicking Horse Coffee, reveals why she struggled in her first attempt, and explains how she has now succeeded in growing her company south of the border. Discover all her tips.

7 conseils pour conquérir le marché américain
Vous désirez prendre de l’expansion aux États-Unis? Obtenez des conseils d'un entrepreneur afin d'établir une stratégie pour conquérir ce marché.

For entrepreneurs looking to grow their business beyond Canada, the U.S. is an obvious choice. It's geographically close, the language and culture are familiar, and the environment is business-friendly. But entering the U.S. may be more difficult than you think. The market is complex, challenging and highly diverse, and many entrepreneurs are surprised by just how different it can be.

In this video, Elana Rosenfeld, Co-founder and CEO of Kicking Horse Coffee, explains how she successfully took her company into the U.S. and offers tips on how you can plan your own entry strategy. Based in Invermere, BC, Kicking Horse Coffee is Canada's leading organic and fair trade coffee, but that didn't automatically qualify it for success south of the border.

The company's first attempt at entering the U.S. delivered poor results. But the experience taught Rosenfeld some valuable lessons that helped her optimize her strategy the second time around. One year later, the U.S. now represents around 15% of the company's sales, and that figure is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Here, Rosenfeld explains seven key steps for putting together a U.S. entry plan, including starting small and adapting your products to the market. She reveals why you should focus on a specific region and how you can make sure your company is fully prepared.

Watch the full video to discover all her advice for developing a winning strategy to take on the U.S. market.