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BDC and Cossette launch All for entrepreneurs

October 4, 2021 (Montreal) – BDC, Canada’s bank for entrepreneurs, is launching All for entrepreneurs, a national integrated campaign developed and produced in partnership with Agency of Record Cossette, which will be rolled out across multiple media touchpoints starting October 4.

Serving as a rallying cry to build the way forward after a challenging period in Canada, the new All for entrepreneurs platform highlights that BDC is here to help entrepreneurs grow their business and succeed in the context of the post-pandemic recovery. The campaign touches on important topics related to BDC’s development role and in support of the entrepreneurial community: delivering value beyond profit, fostering innovation, and breaking down barriers to facilitate knowledge-sharing across different communities and areas of expertise.

The creative approach was built around a fresh way of representing Canadian entrepreneurs. Borrowing some of the codes of performance sports, such as high-energy music, empowering language and dynamic action shots, the work aims to raise the profile of entrepreneurs to the level of other celebrated difference makers in our culture.

“Canadian entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, but they share a common determination when it comes to taking on challenges, moving forward and creating new opportunities, especially in this building back better period. They are at the forefront of making our economy more inclusive and sustainable. And being Canada’s bank for entrepreneurs means that BDC is just as devoted as they are to building the world of tomorrow. This is what the All for entrepreneurs campaign is all about”, said Annie Marsolais, Chief Marketing Officer at BDC.

Based on its commitment to an inclusive economy, it was important for BDC to authentically represent the diversity of entrepreneurs that make up the Canadian business community. This includes a renewed focus on casting talent from a range of different cultural backgrounds, genders, ages, industries and more.

Plus, for the first time, BDC’s French language assets will use inclusive writing (e.g. entrepreneur.e.s) as a way to support and encourage positive changes in both the business community and society at large. BDC will be among the first brands in the country to integrate the practice in its communications.

“As a leader, one way for BDC to express that it is for all entrepreneurs is to adapt the language we use when developing campaigns. Employing a gender-neutral French line that’s truly for everyone is a great step towards building a more inclusive brand,” said Chris Bergeron, VP of inclusive creativity at Cossette.

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BDC is the bank for Canadian entrepreneurs. It provides access to financing, as well as advisory services to help Canadian businesses grow and succeed. Its investment arm, BDC Capital, offers a wide range of risk capital solutions. For more information, visit bdc.ca.


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