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What's next for remote work? Views of Canadian businesses and employees

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased the number of people working from home, but is the trend here to stay? To find out, BDC surveyed more than 700 small businesses and 2,000 Canadian workers to understand how working from home has affected them, and what the future looks like for remote work.

Both the surveyed employers and employees agree that there are benefits such as more flexible hours, increased efficiency and decrease in absence rate. However, employees are also very aware of the disadvantages of remote work, highlighting factors such as communication difficulties and screen fatigue.

Still, more than half of workers surveyed say that in applying for or accepting a new job, the ability to work from home will be a determining factor.

Find out

  • The top benefits and disadvantages of remote work for both employers and employees
  • What percentage of business owners plan to offer their workers remote work post-pandemic
  • How telecommuting is changing the way people move

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