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RenoRun is a leading e-commerce platform for construction and building materials that are disrupting the construction industry. We enable construction, contracting, and renovation professionals to build the world around us using technology.

RenoRun was born in 2017 with the insight that contractors and their employees spend too much time away from their job sites procuring materials. Before building out the concept, our co-founders, three construction industry veterans, would sit in different hardware store parking lots around Montreal, keeping count of anyone coming out in work boots, driving vans, and pickup trucks. Their observations led them to conclude that over a thousand contractors and construction workers were circulating hardware stores in Montreal every hour. With this data in hand, they decided to set out on a crusade to better serve contractors and to revolutionize the construction industry.

RenoRun currently has 500 employees in six markets across the U.S. and Canada. With headquarters in Montreal, QC, additional office locations include Toronto, ON, Omaha, NE and Chicago, IL. We continue to pride ourselves on being the most contractor-centric brand in the world and are driven by the belief that construction professionals deserve to get time back and focus on the job at hand.