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Pascal Lanctôt - Principal with the cleantech practice at BDC
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Headquartered in Sydney, Nova Scotia, alterBiota is a green materials company obsessed with making construction as sustainable as possible. Concrete is one of the most ubiquitous materials on earth but making it is extremely carbon intensive. Through an innovative and highly scalable approach, alterBiota makes a natural admixture called hydrous Bio Graphene Oxide (hBGO) that enables concrete producers to use less Portland cement while storing stable, biomass derived carbon permanently in concrete infrastructure.

Adding a dose of liquid bio-graphene admixture to a typical load of concrete enhances compressive strength allowing for reduction of levels of Portland cement, the carbon intensive binder in concrete. Unlike other concrete decarbonization technologies, hBGO does not come with a hefty green premium, and concrete producers benefit from carbon credits associated with cement avoidance. With alterBiota, concrete producers and their customers reduce their carbon footprints and we all benefit from more sustainable growth.

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