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8 must-haves for a new employee orientation package

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A carefully prepared, individualized orientation package gets new employees started on the right foot, reducing their integration time and improving productivity.

Here are eight essential items to include in your packages.

1. Welcome message

A welcome message from the company president tells the employee they are a valued part of the team. This is a good place to broadly outline the company’s vision and mission.

2. Offer letter or employment contract

The package should include a copy of the signed job offer letter or employment contract and any accompanying non-disclosure, non-compete, confidentiality or other agreements.

3. Company background

Include background on your business that helps ensure the new hire understands their role in the company, what the business is all about and where it’s headed. The material can include your business vision, mission statement and an overview of your strategic plan. It’s also helpful to include other background material, such as company brochures, newsletters or annual reports.

4. Policies and procedures

Present the employee with your company policies and procedures on such matters as quality control, performance monitoring, security, emergency procedures, dress codes, workplace health and safety, confidentiality, the reporting process, complaints, employee conduct, social media use, absenteeism, waste disposal, energy-saving and other efficiency protocols, workplace discrimination and harassment, and the employee assistance program.

It is helpful to put all this material in an employee handbook. The handbook should also cover items such as benefits, employment referral bonuses, insurance and employee discounts.

5. Organization

It is useful to provide an organizational chart, company directory and map of your facility, including evacuation routes and the location of emergency equipment.

6. Needed work items

Pass along any other items needed for the employee’s job, such as passwords, company ID, keys, business cards, company attire and devices or equipment.

7. Welcome gifts

It can be a nice touch to give a few special welcoming items, (e.g. a coffee cup or fridge magnet), a gift card or tickets to a local attraction.

8. Updates

Be sure to update your orientation package regularly with any new policies or information.

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