Strategies to market your business online.

Use these resources to adapt and grow your digital marketing strategy, test and enhance your website, use social media effectively, and provide your customers with an integrated online experience.

Master digital marketing


Adapting your marketing strategy: Priorities during COVID-19

Provide timely outreach, elevate your brand and measure success with this step-by-step guide.

Adapt your marketing plan to boost your online presence and enhance sales.

Attracting and selling online: A marketing guide

Build your brand, attract new customers and boost online sales.

Marketing plan template

Define your brand, map customer journeys, develop tactics and metrics to boost sales.

Adapting your sales and marketing plan during COVID-19

Garner customer feedback, project sales and get creative with online tools.

How to stay in touch with customers

Reach out to customers directly, stay active on social media and replicate face-to-face interactions.

Social media guide for entrepreneurs

Learn to create a social media strategy, reach customers and boost sales in this comprehensive guide.

Free website assessment tool

Enter your business website address to get a quick evaluation of its effectiveness as an essential marketing tool.

Create a website for your business – Checklist

Identify essential website features, content and measurement tools to optimize your online presence.

Free and low-cost website creation tools for your business

Select a web building tool and create a website with all the basic elements your business needs.