How to define your mission statement |
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4 steps for writing your best mission statement


Periodic re-evaluation of your business should be part of every business. As change and innovation become the norm, most companies must constantly re-evaluate their business strategies, and composing mission statements is the heart of that strategic planning process.

A mission is a broad statement of what your organization wants to become, whereas the vision is incorporated in the more practical mission statement. It will apply no matter which strategic route you choose. Here is a process to follow.

1. Develop your vision

Ask yourself where you want to be personally in three to five years. What is your situation relative to customers, your market and your top competition? What value do you aim to produce when you exit your business?

2. Look at your current mission

Why was the business started? What three issues facing your business are of most concern?

3. Revisit your mission

What is your business? Where do you concentrate your efforts? To whom do you offer products or services? Who are your stakeholders? To what is your business dedicated?

4. Compose a new mission

Ask yourself what your mission is. What values matter to you and your team? What do leaders and key stakeholders believe? What opportunities do you foresee for your business?

This process should supply you with a template for a mission statement that will act as a road map for all other aspects of strategic planning.