Partnership BDC & EDC

Strengthening relationships to better support Canadian entrepreneurs

BDC and Export Development Canada (EDC) are working together to ensure that Canadian entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses in global markets have access to the financial resources and services that best suit their needs.

The table below gives an overview of the services they can access.

  Solutions for Canadian non-exporters and investors Solutions within Canada for exporters or investors in Canada and abroad Solutions outside Canada for foreign buyers of Canadian goods and services
Insurance and Bonding
Contract Insurance       ::before    
Foreign Accounts Receivable Insurance       ::before    
Performance Guarantees and Surety Bond Reinsurance       ::before    
Political Risk Insurance       ::before    
Summary of Services ::before   ::before ::before   ::before
Foreign Buyer Financing           ::before
Guarantee Bank Facilities       ::before   ::before
Supplier Financing       ::before   ::before
Working Capital Financing ::before   ::before ::before   ::before
Commercial Real Estate Financing ::before   ::before      
Machinery & Equipment Financing ::before   ::before ::before   ::before
Other Capital Assets Financing ::before     ::before   ::before
Growth and business transition capital ::before   ::before      
Financing to purchase or upgrade Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ::before   ::before      
Equity / Venture Capital
Direct Investment and via Equity Funds ::before   ::before ::before    
Consulting / Advisory Services
Advisory services (fee for service) ::before   ::before      
Economic Intelligence ::before ::before ::before    
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Diagnostics & Advisory services ::before   ::before      
Trade Advisory Service; Supply chain analyses & best practices (non-fee)   ::before   ::before*    
* For existing EDC customers only.