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Mental health support for entrepreneurs

BDC is committed to supporting Canadian entrepreneurs with resources, tools and advice they need to address their well-being. That is why we have partnered with Inkblot Therapy by GreenShield Health to offer our clients free virtual therapy sessions.

When you sign up for BDC’s Mental Health Support Program, you’ll receive three free hours of virtual therapy sessions with Inkblot*. The support of an Inkblot therapist leads to improvements in mental health in as little as three sessions. Therapy is conducted in your preferred language and according to your availability and the approach that resonates with you.

Get personalized, effective, and completely confidential mental health and well-being support that’s easily accessible whenever you need it.

*Availability is limited and exclusive for BDC clients. If you are not a BDC client and need help, we have a list of resources from trusted organizations across Canada.

How to retrieve your access to Inkblot’s platform

  1. Fill in the form below.
  2. We will send you an email with a link and a code to access the virtual therapy platform where you can learn more about the program and register. Expect a delay of up to 1 hour to receive the confirmation email.

Fill in your information

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The privacy of your personal and business information is important to us. BDC's Mental Health Support Program is completely confidential. None of the personal data or information you provide to Inkblot Therapy by GreenShield Health or your therapist will be shared with BDC.

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