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The Coming Wave of Business Transitions in Canada

September 2017

Are you ready to exit your company?

Entrepreneurs need to plan their business transition well in advance to get top dollar value for their companies when they sell. BDC surveyed over 2,500 entrepreneurs to find out how well prepared they are to sell their businesses, their attitudes towards growth and risk, and why it’s important for them to make their businesses more attractive to buyers.

Find out:

  • Why investing in your business is critical when planning to sell
  • How a healthy cash flow helps maximize the value of your business
  • Why sound financial reporting makes good business sense
  • 6 tips to maximize the value of your business
  • 4 steps to a successful business transition

Plus, read the success stories of how Canadian entrepreneurs are passing on the torch.

Running a business with 20 employees or more? Read what our study reveals for these entrepreneurs.

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