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Woman entrepreneur

You are a woman entrepreneur and are looking for ways to grow your business, BDC can help

Women entrepreneurs are just as ambitious and talented as their male counterparts, but their companies tend to be smaller and grow more slowly. We know a lack of scale can be a real barrier for companies that want to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

A renewed commitment to women entrepreneurs

  • We have renewed our commitment to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business faster and do it more profitably. We want women to have the money and advice they need to tackle business problems and seize opportunities with confidence.
  • We have increased our lending to women owned businesses to at least $700 million over three years, as part of a comprehensive strategy to accelerate the success of women entrepreneurs.
  • We have also assigned dedicated champions in each region who can help you find the right solution for your business.

Our solutions

Specialized financing

We can help your business and also learn about events and initiatives aimed at creating networking and mentoring opportunities in your area.

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Susan Dover, SAM Designs

"As with many entrepreneurs, no one would lend me money to grow when I started. So I set myself a goal that in two years I’d walk into a bank with my financial statements and they’d give me what I want.”

Susan Dover
SAM Designs