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Are you looking to build a better business and become a stronger entrepreneur? The first step is to develop close relationships with mentors, peers, advisors and supportive organizations that can help you achieve your goals. At BDC, we believe that women entrepreneurs have enormous untapped potential, so we provide the network, financing and management advice you need to invest in your company and grow.

An ongoing commitment to women entrepreneurs

52% increase in clients

$200M investment in tech companies over 5 years

$1.4B financing over 3 years

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Jamie Hoobanoff
BDC not only helped me with financing, they provided me with tools and resources that helped structure the business and gave me the freedom I needed to build my company.
Phyllis Day Chief
Be enthusiastic about your product. You’ll have good days and bad days, but believing in your product will help carry you through.
Marie-Claude Plante
I called upon the experts at BDC because of their experience with SMEs and because SME development is their passion. My business is financially sound; all that was missing was a boost to help me make strategic decisions. The BDC consultant helped me to clarify and structure my objectives and even encouraged me to aim higher!
Shelley Wallace
BDC’s loan extension and capital postponements made me very happy. And the Xpansion Loan flexible terms really help with the cyclical needs of my business. BDC stood out in terms of understanding life events and supporting us through this journey.


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