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Climate leadership

Integrate climate into your business strategy

A climate plan will keep you on track to achieve your goals.

What is a climate strategy?

Integrating climate action into your strategy means creating a comprehensive plan for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In your plan, take metrics on current emissions and set timebound goals for cutting them.

Your climate strategy will also look at risks and opportunities. Do you face regulations? Will key stakeholders push to go faster or resist? Can you access new markets thanks to this new strategy? You will answer these questions when you make an action plan for achieving your targets.

The benefits of strategic thinking

We’re heading towards a low-carbon economy, and it’s better to start now than play catch up later. Planning is part of risk management. It allows you to stay on top of new regulations in your industry and what your competitors are doing.

It also lets you coordinate climate goals with the other priorities, such as reducing costs, managing assets or hiring new people. Thinking strategically means that you won’t neglect what’s good for the planet when you’re focused on running your business.

Positive impact on your business

Roadmap to building a climate strategy


Find funding for your climate actions

Over 60 governmental active grants, tax credits and loan programs to support the environmental initiatives of Canadian businesses.

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