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Guide to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions How to reduce GHG emissions in your business: a step-by-step guide


17 pages

20-minute read

Reducing your emissions is a smart move for both your business and the planet. Discover the key areas in your business where you can cut emissions.
Guide, Reducing greenhouse gas emission

Topics covered

  • The benefits of reducing your emissions

    Taking climate action can lead to cost reductions through finding more efficient uses of your energy and materials.

  • Key areas for emissions reduction

    Discover projects such as retrofitting your building, installing solar panels, switching to electric vehicles, and getting a green certification.

  • How to calculate your greenhouse gas footprint

    Decide which tool to use and how to create an action plan to lower your environmental impact afterwards

Who is it for?


Become a climate leader in your business.

Operations managers

Reduce waste and other inefficiencies in your process.

Facilities managers

Reduce the energy consumption of your building.

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