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Profit$ delivers tips, insightful articles and economic commentary to help you build a better company. Learn how to tackle your challenges by reading how other entrepreneurs have done it and getting the advice of BDC experts.

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How lean is your business?

You may be surprised by how much waste is lurking in your business and how much profit you’re leaving on the table. Alain Duclos was shocked when an operational efficiency drive boosted output at his company by 15%

  • Growing your business: 4 winning strategies
  • How to lower your foreign contract risk
  • Passion counts when you’re hiring
  • The right price—How to prepare your business for sale
  • Turning points—Top women entrepreneurs from across Canada speak about the biggest risk they ever took in their business and why it was worth it
  • How a relentless focus on customer needs can lead to success
  • Are you investing enough in your business?

View Profit$ fall 2015


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