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Profit$ delivers tips, insightful articles and economic commentary to help you build a better company. Learn how to tackle your challenges by reading how other entrepreneurs have done it and getting the advice of BDC experts.

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A clearly defined brand can help you score big

Ger McNamee and Craig Kennedy have scored with a strong, unique brand at their hockey apparel company, Gongshow Gear. Learn why good branding is crucial for your company.

Other articles

  • Are you ready for international trade?
  • Sustainability: Where can you make the biggest difference?
  • The verdict is in—Diversified businesses experience stronger growth
  • Developing leaders—6 strategies to use in your business
  • A place of your own—How to find and buy commercial real estate
  • Inspiring by design—Passion fuels this entrepreneur’s vision
  • The courage to start again—A story of perseverance and determination
  • Employee training: A crucial strategy for your business

View Profit$ winter 2016


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