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What you’ll learn

Discover how to create an effective social media plan for your business to target customers in a more personal way and measure results. Understand how social media improves brand loyalty, boosts sales, and helps you grow your business.

Topics covered

  • Establish a social media presence for your business

    Learn to create a social media strategy that connects you directly to customers.

  • Create the right social media content

    Research what competitors are doing and select platforms and types of content that work best for your customers.

  • Measure the effect of social media marketing

    Establish goals around sales and boosting customer loyalty and learn to monitor results effectively.




40 pages

Read time

25 min


Marketing, sales and export

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Who is it for?


Learn how even the smallest businesses can optimize social media marketing to grow sales.

Marketing managers

Create metrics to validate the impact of your social media marketing strategy.

Social media managers

Ensure key brand messages are at the heart of your social media activity.

HR managers

Understand how to create branded content that will appeal to prospective employees.

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