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Charter of client rights

BDC's commitment to its clients

We pledge to reflect a high standard of conduct and exemplary service in all our dealings with you, our client, through both our financial and advisory services. The Charter of Client Rights outlines BDC’s commitment to you.


  • The Charter of Client Rights is overseen by the Ombudsman, whose mandate is to ensure that BDC follows its principles at all times.
  • The Ombudsman reports directly to BDC's President and Chief Executive Officer.
  • All BDC employees are informed about the Charter and are expected to follow it at all times.


  • BDC will communicate with you in plain, understandable language.
  • BDC will promptly inform you of any changes it deems necessary to your financial arrangements.
  • BDC will advise you in advance of any change in fees applicable to you.


  • Access to BDC and its services is provided to clients throughout Canada.
  • BDC pledges to honour its official languages commitment in communicating with you. Dealings will be free from bias and consider the situation from an independent viewpoint.


  • All information regarding you and your business is strictly confidential, except when disclosure is permitted by law or approved by you in writing.
  • All BDC personnel and network consultants are required to sign an oath of confidentiality.

Due process

To enhance communication with its clients, BDC will:

  • Maintain a toll-free number across Canada: 1-877-232-2269;
  • Provide you with clear, concise information on how to access and apply for BDC services;
  • Advise you promptly of changes in personnel assigned to serve you;
  • Deliver high-quality advisory services, and, if necessary, consider replacement of consultants and/or modification of services;
  • Provide business planning guidelines should you require assistance when applying for financing;
  • Respond to your loan application promptly after receiving all the information required from you and, in case of any delay in processing, will inform you of the reason and advise you as to when you can expect a response;
  • Issue a Letter of Offer outlining in plain language the terms, conditions, security, and fees applicable to the loan you are offered;
  • Will advise you of the reasons for not proceeding with the financing and, where appropriate, suggest alternative sources of assistance;
  • Maintain regular contact with you, and visit your place of business when appropriate and mutually beneficial;
  • In normal circumstances, provide you with sufficient notice before calling a loan or changing the conditions of a financing agreement;
  • Provide two avenues of recourse before calling a loan or changing the conditions of a financing agreement.
Your privacy

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