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How to make a complaint—Suppliers

When dealing with suppliers, BDC undertakes to use a competitive and fair procurement process. From time to time, a supplier may be unhappy with the procurement process or a decision made by BDC.

Please follow these 3 steps if you have a complaint or specific concern

This will help us address your issue rapidly and effectively. Most issues can generally be resolved at the Business Centre level.

Make sure to keep relevant documents and notes handy when contacting us.

BDC will:

  • Respond promptly and fairly to any complaint you may have within 10 business days;
  • Keep you informed on the development of the file in cases where additional time is needed to acquire all the pertinent information to respond fully to the complaint;
  • Keep you informed regarding the resolution of the complaint.

The Supplier Complaint Handling Process is without prejudice to the right of BDC to take the measures necessary to protect its interests. Should the supplier continue to believe it necessary, it may then, if applicable, avail itself of any next steps identified in the Agreement on Internal trade, Annex. 502.3.