Role of the Ombudsman

Who is BDC’s Ombudsman?

BDC’s Ombudsman is Maryse Corbella. She has more than 35 years of experience working with BDC.

The Office of the Ombudsman provides a forum to facilitate an objective assessment of concerns that could not be resolved by BDC during the client resolution process, the supplier resolution process or The Contact the Ombudsperson Program for employees (add a link to I am an employee new page).

It allows complainants and BDC to seek mutually agreeable solutions while ensuring that there has been a fair, balanced review.

The BDC Ombudsman oversees the application of BDC’s Charter of Client Rights.

The Ombudsman’s work is client-driven and can access all levels of management at BDC to properly address concerns. The Ombudsman reports directly to BDC’s Audit & Conduct Review Committee of the Board of Directors. 

The Office of the Ombudsman will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your complaint;
  • Respond to the complaint within 10 business days, or, if the matter requires a longer period, keep you informed of developments.
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