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What's BDC Aboriginal Banking?

The Aboriginal Banking Department was created in 1996. It offers customized, long-term and flexible solutions specially designed for Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to help Aboriginal businesses succeed in a global market. Our team can identify with your specific needs as they are part of your community.

Activities in the Aboriginal community

  • Each year, BDC gives presentations to Aboriginal entrepreneurs in up to 10 communities, to outline the solutions that are available to them
  • BDC staff also participate in national and local Aboriginal conferences, seminars and other events
  • BDC sponsors a number of activities and events targeting Aboriginal business

Financing and more…

Beyond our conventional lending to Aboriginal businesses, BDC is involved in a number of activities and initiatives for you, including:

Why choose BDC Aboriginal Banking?

Dedicated to the needs of the Aboriginal community

Flexible solutions specially designed for Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

Optimize the use of your business assets

Achieve a better financing structure that will allow you to better manage your day-to-day operations.

Get a higher percentage of financing on your fixed assets to:

  • Free up your working capital
  • Continue operating and meet future needs
Flexible repayment

Seasonal repayment schedules tailored to your business' cash flow. Possibility to prepay the loan up to 15% of the balance per year.

Money and more

In addition to financing, our consulting services can help you meet your goals, and support your business through challenges.

Peace of mind

Your non-commercial assets are not taken as collateral.

As long as the terms and conditions are respected, we will not recall a loan.

A "beyond the numbers" approach

Beyond strict numbers, your management team's experience, strategies and goals are also important to us.