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Climate leadership

Raise climate awareness in your business

Getting employees involved is key to cutting emissions.

What is climate awareness?

Climate change has become a part of our daily reality. Yet, many people still struggle to understand its dimensions, what’s being done to combat it and how they can help. Raising awareness about climate change among your employees involves providing them with the resources and training they need to take action, as well as what you’re doing to make your business more climate-friendly.

The benefits of raising climate awareness

Greater awareness is the first step to change. Before you take on a project to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, you need to get your employees on board. Communicating to them why your company is taking these steps will increase your chances of success.

Your commitment to the climate could also inspire your employees and increase their job satisfaction. Many people are attracted to companies that are willing to act on climate change. Taking action could make your company’s brand more attractive.

Positive impact on your business

Roadmap to raising climate awareness in your business


Find funding for your climate actions

Over 60 governmental active grants, tax credits and loan programs to support the environmental initiatives of Canadian businesses.

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Government of Canada: Climate Change

Find information on Canada’s actions, climate future, partnerships, adaptation, health, science, and emissions reporting.

B Lab: Free B Corp assessment tool

An online questionnaire to examine your businesses’ environmental performance and the impact of your products or services.