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10 tips for creating an online video strategy for your business

Videos can be a low-cost way to attract new clients

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In the battle to win the attention of online audiences, more and more entrepreneurs are turning to online videos.

Videos can be embedded on your website or uploaded to sites such as YouTube and shared with your social media followers. They provide a low-cost way to build credibility and find prospective customers.

Follow these 10 tips to create your company’s online video strategy.

1. Decide between DIY and hiring a pro

Even though you can shoot and produce your own videos with a minimal budget, keep in mind that doing so without professional help can be time consuming. You may find hiring a professional is more than worth it when you consider the time you’re saving and headaches you’re avoiding.

If you choose to produce and edit in-house, there are lots of educational resources online as well as free and low cost editing tools.

2. Don’t sell, educate

Avoid producing videos that simply push your products. Instead, aim for educational content that builds your credibility with prospective customers. Zero in on common customer problems and present solutions in how-to videos that showcase your company’s expertise.

3. Use customer pain points as topic ideas

When coming up with topics for your online videos, think about the problems that customers ask you about every day. You can also analyze the keyword searches that are bringing visitors to your website. And you can ask your social media followers for topic suggestions.

4. Keep your videos short

Your videos should normally be less than two minutes. Attention drops off after one minute, so your key messages should be up front.

5. Optimize your video descriptions for online searches

Be sure to use an engaging video title, description and accompanying article (if the video is on your site) with keywords that will draw viewers in and increase your search engine rankings.

You don’t need high-end production quality to produce a good video. What really counts is coming up with content that is useful to viewers and makes them remember your business.

6. Keep your company in front of viewers

Display your logo prominently at the beginning and end of your videos. You want viewers to easily recall your brand.

7. Be authentic

Feature speakers who are passionate and authentic. Web audiences want to listen to likeable experts, not paid actors or slick salespeople.

8. Promote your videos

Push your videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, X and LinkedIn. Videos provide excellent social media content and help you reinforce a strong rapport with your community.

9. End with a call to action

Finish your video by encouraging your viewers to learn more by subscribing to your YouTube channel and/or visiting your website and social media pages. You can also build engagement with your audience by asking them to leave questions and comments. Just remember to respond promptly.

10. Have a conversion strategy

How will you convert video views into paying clients? Consider asking viewers to send in their name and emails in exchange for value added information such as articles, eBooks or an online newsletter.

You might also want to use video testimonials as a closing argument on your e-commerce website.

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