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Conditions to the Operio inc. offer

  1. In order to take advantage of this offer from Société Operio Inc. (“Operio”) for business clients of BDC (hereafter, the “Offer”), the business must:
    • Be a BDC client or a visitor from bdc.ca;
    • Be a new Operio client. However, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton clients that are not Operio clients may avail themselves of the Offer;
    • Sign up for one of Operio’s packages (https://operio.ca/en/rates/). The packages are subject to change without notice and the amounts shown are before applicable taxes;
    • Use QuickBooks Canada (“QuickBooks”) or migrate its accounting to QuickBooks when signing up for the Operio package. Businesses that are already QuickBooks clients are not entitled to the QuickBooks discount.
  2. Depending on the package selected by the business, the Offer includes the following complementary services:
    • Summary diagnosis of the business by Operio: assessment of the accounting system and preparation of a plan to integrate into the Operio platform; AND
    • Access to Operio’s technology platform for a period of one (1) month, including all services in the package selected, effective as of the activation of the Operio package (the “Promotion Period”); AND
    • The first three (3) hours of consultation with an Operio professional for businesses selecting the Autonomous package; OR
    • The first four (4) hours of consultation with an Operio professional for businesses selecting the Assisted or Complete package.
  3. Consultation hours are solely for the use of the Operio client and may not be used by any affiliated, related or parent company or subsidiary of the client business.
  4. The client business must remain a client of BDC for the duration of the services to benefit from the complementary services provided under this Offer.
  5. Upon expiration of the Promotion Period, access to Operio’s technology platform and the services provided under this Offer (other than the complementary consulting hours) shall no longer be offered at no charge and will be offered in accordance with the terms and conditions of the engagement letter to be signed by the client business and Operio.
  6. This is a limited time Offer. Operio reserves the right to withdraw or amend this Offer at any time without notice.
  7. A business may only use the Offer one time.
  8. Operio reserves the right to refuse to provide the services under this Offer if, in particular, its professional obligations prevent it from providing the said services.
  9. For more information about this Offer, contact Operio at 1-844-9OPERIO or use the online form at https://operio.ca/en/.
  10. This Offer is conditional on the client business signing the Operio engagement letter.
  11. In case of any difficulty in interpretation of the terms of this Offer or contradiction between the terms of this Offer and the Operio engagement letter, the Engagement letter shall prevail.