Expertise to set up your business for e-commerce.

Launch your e-commerce platform with these resources. Plan, build and optimize your website to secure new customers during the pandemic and beyond.

Sell online and reach new clients


A short guide to using the Business Model Canvas to start an e-commerce website

Detail customer segments, sales channels, revenues, costs and all aspects of your business on a single page.

Create an e-commerce plan to leverage new buyers now and emerge from the pandemic as a competitive player in the digital marketplace.

Getting started with e-commerce – Checklist

Launch your website quickly to respond to buyer behaviour during the pandemic using this e-commerce checklist.

Website design agency selection tool

Assess potential website designers on a grid according to technical skills and fit with your business.

How a solid online strategy will help you through the COVID-19 crisis – Pre-recorded webinar

Learn how the pandemic will alter the economy and why e-commerce is key to your new business strategy.

Free and low-cost e-commerce software for your business

Quickly compare affordable software to launch and automate your e-commerce platform.

Succeed with e-commerce – Guide

Discover how to create an online strategy, build a website and measure success.

Consumers won’t give up the convenience of e-commerce when the pandemic ends

Invest in a strong online platform now to emerge ahead of the competition after the crisis.