Guidance to help your business move forward.

Assess your current business status and manage risk, get started with e-commerce, and learn about financial and strategic planning with these resources.

Business status and risk assessment


Business status and risk assessment

Get a snapshot of your core business activities, costs and customers, find opportunities to innovate, and map a plan to mitigate risk.

Create a financial and strategic plan to help you restructure your business in the post-pandemic world.

Need an e-commerce strategy for your business? Here’s how to go about it.

Discover how to design a simple step-by-step strategy to get your company online and build resilience.

Agility will be even more important in the new economic landscape

How to complete your recovery plan to get your business back up to scale quickly and plan for future volatility.

Restructuring: 7 tips for restoring business profitability

Take stock of your company, get external advice and make strategic investments to rebuild business profits quickly.

Business plan template

Detail all elements of your company to determine if you require financing to grow, restructure or adapt your business goals.

Build a more profitable business: a guide for entrepreneurs

Learn to set prices, calculate your break-even point and measure net profit, plus tips to boost your business profitability.

The foundations of strategic planning: a guide for entrepreneurs

Analyze your current company, identify opportunities and limitations, and understand how to implement a successful strategic plan for your business in the wake of the pandemic.

How to adapt your business to thrive in the new normal – Webinar

Learn from other Canadian entrepreneurs and discover how to implement a strategy for business success in the new COVID-19 economy.