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Top 5 business articles of 2021

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Every year, we round up our top articles that helped entrepreneurs grow their businesses in the last 12 months.

Whether you’re thinking about incorporating your business, making a down payment on an acquisition, or just solving some of the challenges in your day-to-day operations, this compilation will give you the practical advice you need to start your 2022 strong.

Top 5 business articles of 2021

1. SWOT analysis: Do you know your business’s strengths and weaknesses?

SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You’ve probably heard of it before, but now is a great time to brush up on this key strategic planning tool. Take a look at external and internal factors, analyze your business’s current condition and position yourself for the new year.

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2. Cash flow quiz for entrepreneurs

Cash is the lifeblood of a business, but many entrepreneurs don’t know how much of it is currently flowing through their business. The quiz only has seven questions, but it’ll show you the gaps in your financial management knowledge.

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3. Choose the right structure for your business

What’s the difference between a sole proprietorship, a partnership and a corporation? One major difference is the advantages they receive under tax law. Incorporating a business in Canada is simpler than you might think. It can be an option worth exploring, even for independent contractors and freelancers.

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4. What is the minimum down payment to buy a business?

When you’re making an acquisition, the size of your down payment matters because it affects your finances for years to come. Too small, and you risk looking uncommitted to your lenders and investors, too large and you could be putting your business in danger of falling prey to a downturn in sales. This guide will walk you through the preparation for buying a business.

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5. A 7-step structured problem-solving process for business challenges

What should you do when major problems occur over and over again? The problems you face can be anything from high employee turnover to misused resources. If it feels as if you’re constantly wasting time by putting out fires, try a BDC expert’s structured problem-solving process to fix problems once and for all.

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Top guide of 2021

Attracting and selling online

With online sales booming, you may want to think about focusing on online business as a New Year’s resolution. Our free digital marketing guide will help you attract more traffic and turn website visitors into paying customers.

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Top tool of 2021

Financial statements template

This downloadable Excel worksheet has blank templates of an income statement, a balance sheet and a cash flow statement. If you don’t use an accounting software, you can manually create those templates with this template.

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