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ZenHub offers the leading developer-first project management and collaboration solution through a SaaS platform that integrates natively into GitHub to create a more accurate and timely single source of information for the entire company. Developers don't update project management tools as they are too busy writing code, and product owners are left with clunky tools that provide lagged information. ZenHub centralizes the entire development workflow in one place, thus enabling software teams to build software faster. The solution addresses the pain points in tracking development work and helps manage collaborative backlog across multiple development stages while providing teams with their own curated view. This keeps development teams organized while improving their overall productivity. ZenHub’s key features include workspaces, reporting, roadmaps, and automated workflows.

Investment year: 2020
Industry sector: AI & Machine Learning, Cloud, Data & Intelligence, Enterprise Enablement
Region: Prairies and West
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BDC Venture Capital Partner

Mark Trevitt