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Transportation management

Optimize your vehicle fleet

Make your fleet more efficient to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

What is fleet optimization?

Fleet optimization is about getting more from your business vehicles. It helps you to operate your fleet more efficiently without negatively affecting performance—all while keeping your customers happy.

By taking steps to track vehicles, minimize delays, reduce idle time and decrease fuel consumption, you can cut down on wasted energy and time and ensure you are getting the most out of all the vehicles in your fleet.

The benefits of fleet optimization

The cost of running and maintaining a fleet makes up a significant portion of many businesses’ operating costs. Fleet optimization is a simple way to operate your fleet more efficiently.

Fleet optimization not only decreases costs by saving you money on gas, but reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in your business. It can also reduce the need for costly repairs, extend the life span of your vehicles, and ensure your vehicles get where they need to go faster.

Positive impact on your business

Roadmap to optimizing your fleet


Find funding for your climate actions

Over 60 governmental active grants, tax credits and loan programs to support the environmental initiatives of Canadian businesses.

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National Resources Canada: Greening Freight Programs

The federal government offers several programs to help organizations lower their fleets’ fuel consumption, operating costs and harmful vehicle emissions.

National Resources Canada: SmartDriver training series

Free online courses to help professional drivers of medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles reduce fuel consumption, operating costs and harmful vehicle emissions.